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  • Music Production

    Music n Chilli Studios uses today’s Apple based latest technology, use the latest software and equipments for recording to meet professional standards of the music industry.
    Music Producer Ricky Farooqi has got experience to produce different types of genres of music, he has worked with different cultures of artists around the world. In the light of that experience Music Producer Ricky Farooqi can help you in your project and bring creative elements in your production.
    Ricky Farooqi will work with you on your project and will make sure you are achieving the desired results.
    Music Producer Ricky Farooqi, who is also a singer/vocal coach can guide you when it comes to recording your vocals, he can recommend you how to use the microphone, sing with expressions according to your genre of music and the mood.
    Music Producer Ricky Farooqi has worked with the legendary music composer Robin Gosh, by working with him he gained experience in composition and music arrangement, which will be highly beneficial when it comes to composing your song or music arrangement.
    In music Production music technology plays a very big part in your music which is why Music Producer Ricky Farooqi has learned music technology from Apple and has learnt sound engineering/mixing from different experts of the music industry which gave him skills to bring the high quality in production.
    Music Producer Ricky Farooqi likes to work with you in collaboration, while he is making your music track, each step of making your music he will discuss with you before he proceeds to the next step once mutually agreed, so there is no confusion and we meet to your desired results.
    Where Music n Chilli use the latest technology, they also believe that the old fashion authentic rehearsal method has no replacement, that is why we give our clients plenty of rehearsal time before recording. ``Practice brings perfection``.
    Ricky Farooqi has vast experience as a music producer/singer/sound engineer/music video director and vocal coach all these experiences has given him the skills to visualise the full picture of your project.

    As we have already mentioned, Music n Chilli Studios London uses Apple based technology for the best production results, that’s why when it comes to mastering (Final Step) we have affiliated with the top range mastering companies like Universal Studios, Loft Mastering, and Streaky Mastering which brings out the best results of the end product.

    Ricky Farooqi: 07958300993

  • Vocal Coaching

    Ricky Farooqi the Vocal Coach a highly experienced singing teacher who has grown up in a teaching environment, as his mother was a professor in the teachers training college, where teaching methods where regularly discussed. Ricky Farooqi’s main objective was to simplify learning for the students, at the same time to be less time consuming. So, on those lines Ricky Farooqi researched and found new methods and new theories of learning Hindi/Bollywood singing which simplifies learning and saves you time, with his techniques now you can easily learn improve your singing and improve voice quality.
    Ricky Farooqi is the first one in the world who created the first ever app to learn Bollywood Singing called ``GA``. He came with the idea of GA app when he observed that people want to learn singing but they have no time to attend lessons, sometimes distance becomes a barrier, so he came with the idea of GA app, so people can download on their smart devices, such as mobile phone, iPad, and tablet etc. so anyone can learn in their own time. ``KOI BHI, KAHIN BHI, KABHI BHI``
    Ricky Farooqi has worked with many legendary artists such as the late Akhlaq Ahmed (Play Back Singer) and Robin Ghosh (Composer).
    • Vocal coach Ricky Farooqi can improve your voice in a few sessions, by giving you one to one session’s in Music n Chilli Studios London.
    • In every session Ricky Farooqi works with you to help you overcome your issues within singing, and guarantee improvement in your voice.
    • Ricky Farooqi discovered that by improving your listening skills it will make you a better singer, for that he will give you exercises that will improve your listening skills as musician/singer.
    • During the sessions Vocal Coach Ricky Farooqi will also record parts of your singing, so you can work together on rectifying mistakes and improve your singing, (an interesting session) which will help you to develop microphone techniques and improve your singing expressions.
    • Ricky Farooqi’s techniques and method of teaching have helped many clients gain confidence to perform professionally and sing in front of large audiences.
    • Music n Chilli Productions also have discount packages for details please contact us.

  • Video Production

    Music n Chilli Productions have a high range of equipment and software for our production. We have highly skilled camera operator, editor’s special effects engineer and lights men. Ricky Farooqi has vast experience as a Music Video Director he likes to bring the artistic elements and creativity in his music videos. Ricky Farooqi’s main feature is to create artistic videos with movie style story lines which is very challenging to tell the story in a 4-minute music video, just like a Hollywood/Bollywood movie.
    Music n Chilli Production’s creative team helps you to make a concept and story line for your music video, according to the concept we suggest you the locations to shoot. Ricky Farooqi’s creative direction, right concept and skilled team can do wonders to your music video.
    We discuss all aspects in advance and we are there for you every step of the way to make your video production journey easy for you, we make sure each video is unique and provide you with competitive packages as per your requirements and needs.
    We make sure your video is targeted to the right audiences so that the video content speaks to the right audience in the right way to the right channels.
    Music n Chilli productions has worked on international projects and are here to take on different challenges.

  • Other Services

    Music Videos
    Wedding Videos in Bollywood Style
    Video Editing
    TV adverts

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SONG: Kehnde Ne Naina
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Mixing: Ricky Farooqi
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